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Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on TNC’s (2017)

The second session of the Southern Africa Permanent Peoples’ TNC’s

14-17th August 2017, in Johannesburg.


The Tribunal, hosted by the Southern African Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power, is the second session of hearings, where eight communities from Southern Africa will present cases on the impacts of transnational corporations on their livelihoods, land and human rights, to a panel of respected jurors. Presentations will also be made on the financial impacts of companies engaging in illicit financial flows of money out of the continent – money that belongs to the peoples of Africa, and for fulfilling their basic needs.

Land, Food and Agriculture is the theme of the 2017 Tribunal, which will focus on specific TNC’s acting with impunity in destroying food and land sovereignty and the livelihoods that rely on them, such as seed theft, land grabbing and degradation, physical and sexual violence against women and communities, illness and environmental destruction.

It is not only TNC’s and governments who are responsible for these crimes, but a greater structure, An architecture of Impunity, which the Tribunal will address. Southern Africa is being plundered and our resources – mineral, land, food and financial – and the Tribunal is one way in which those fighting the struggle against corporate power can come together, mobilise and tell the world!

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