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SA campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power & the Right to say NO

The Southern African Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power has a delegation in Geneva right now that is advocating for the Right to Say No! through Free Prior and Informed and Consent (FPIC)
Here is link to a pamphlet is designed to talk to the demands for the Right to Say No! Download the pamphlet for free and get up to date on the whats been happening in the Southern African Campaign and see a summary of the provisional discussion document to the global campaign. In addition there is more information on the treaty alliance as well as on other important developments pertaining to law from below in the fight for the right for free prior and informed consent.
The pamphlet indicates that FPIC should not be relegated to a risk management exercise. Rather, FPIC, should be the basis upon which the relationship between the community and company is built. The role of the state in enforcing this right is crucial, but not a prerequisite for building more equitable negotiating and bargaining positions between the affected communities and the developers.
Download the pamphlet here

Organizations of the Southern African Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power

  • AIDC (Alternative Information Development Centre) South Africa
  • CNRG (Centre for Natural Resources Governance) Zimbabwe
  • Centre for Trade and Policy Development (CTPD) Zambia
  • JA! (Justica Ambiental) Mozambique
  • LRC (Legal Resources Centre) South Africa
  • LVC SEA (La Via Campesina) Southern and Eastern Africa
  • RWA (Rural Women’s Assembly) Southern Africa
  • WoMin (WoMin Trust Alliance) Southern Africa
  • Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power 

For more information email Keamogetswe Seipato at 

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