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Peoples’ Tribunal on Transnational Corporations in Southern Africa



Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Transnational Corporations in Southern Africa:

To launch the Southern Africa Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power, AIDC is coordinating a Tribunal – the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Transnational Corporations in Southern Africa.

The Tribunal, which will be the first of its kind in the region, will bring together communities and movements from Southern Africa to present their struggles against the corporations who violate their human, environmental and socio-economic rights.

It will create a platform for communities and movements to present their cases and create awareness of their struggles to a larger Southern African and global audience, and to a large media contingent. It will provide, both logistically and financially, a safe space for communities and movements from the region, many isolated, to network, synergize and connect to share experiences and lessons in order to strengthen a joint struggle, as well as to find ways forward. While the campaign is a joint project between several Southern African partner organisations, AIDC is taking the coordinating role for the Tribunal and larger regional campaign.

The Tribunal is split into three sessions: the first session of hearings will be held in August 2016 during the People’s Summit in Swaziland, the second session in May 2017, and a verdict handed down soon after.

The first session will hear 10 cases, on TNC’s working in the mining, infrastructure and GMO industries. The 10 cases will be presented in different ways – through video, photo slideshows, documentation and talks for example. AIDC is providing the communities with funding for the development of their cases, which they spend mostly on internal country travel and accommodation, stationery and equipment for documentation and presentation, and catering.


If you would like to know more about the Campaign and Tribunal, or to present a case at the next session in May 2017, you can contact us using the FORM, or email

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