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Women Surviving Lavender Hill (book reading)

Women Surviving Lavender Hill (book reading)

22 August 2017 we had the latest Amandla Forum – a book reading of “Women Surviving Lavender Hill”

Women surviving Lavender Hill captures the stories of women living in one of the most dangerous townships in the Western Cape. Lavender Hill is a community ridden with gang violence, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence and the list continues.

Each of the women read a short piece from the book, as well as spoke about what it was like to write the book, and what it meant for them. Most of them said that they did not ever imagine writing a book, never mind having it published.

Thank you to those who made it to the book reading. Everyone agreed that it takes courage to talk and write about things, so it was a real privilege to be able to listen to these stories. We hope that the women in this book continue to heal and that they continue to get lots of love and support on their journey of healing.

If you missed last nights event, do not despair, you can listen to a complete recording of the talk here. You can also till get yourself a signed copy of the book from New World Foundation.

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