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Amandla! is a bi-monthly magazine and website project that aims to promote discussion and debate towards a new left and anti-capitalist politics in South Africa and Southern Africa. Amandla! provides coverage and analysis of current political, economic, social processes, events and struggles from a radical perspective. It gives extensive coverage of the issues, activities and debates of South Africa’s social, labour movements and other popular organisations, giving the reader an in-depth insight into their challenges, struggles, programmes and strategies. Analysis of current national, regional, continental and global events makes up the bulk of the magazine. It features proposals from a broad range of sources for alternative strategies and perspectives that can deepen the process of social transformation in South Africa and the continent. Features on current issues, book and film reviews, and letters ensures a lively and dynamic publication.
Amandla! Publishers aims to build an open non-sectarian space wherein perspectives on the left can be analysed, discussed and debated. Voices on the left are needed to comment on the current situation in our country, the continent and the world. Amandla! is a contribution to the creation of a wide platform for contesting public space, discourse and debate from rigorous and non-sectarian left perspectives Apart from needing a voice of the left commenting on the current situation, a major objective of Amandla! is to contribute to facilitate greater collaboration between broad sections of the left, activists and intellectuals from different traditions and regions of the country.