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Press Conference | CryX MTBPS 2021 action plan!

Now that the local government elections have come and gone, we await to hear the announcement of the upcoming medium-term budget policy statement. As we had said going into the elections, the government and political parties continue to make empty promises. And we are tired of empty promises. After elections, our pots remain empty and we are still hungry. Promises of jobs, houses, services and addressing climate change cannot be kept if we don’t spend the money needed to provide it.

We are calling on our people to rise up! We call on our people, the working class, employed and unemployed, to unite, to resist and, in their resistance, to show there is another way, a fair, just and righteous path – a path deserving of the sacrifices of those who have fallen in the struggle for a better life for all. We built South Africa and South Africa belongs to us, now is the time to make SA #WorkForUs!

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