Where Communities Have Been Saying No!

Where Communities Have Been Saying No!

Documentary |Southern African Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power

What happens when a powerful entity backed by the most legitimate form of authority in a country harms and disregards a community’s needs and human rights? Well, the popular understanding is that the powerful entity makes millions (sometimes billions), the authorities get their kickbacks and the community gets thwarted at every end. Yet, for the past 3 years, the Southern African Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power (DCP) has been actively challenging this perception.

Much of this has only been possible through continuous work of countless committed activists, the bulk of whom are rural women, facing the brunt of corporations and states. The People’s Permanent Tribunal has been a platform these communities have used to hold corporations to account.

This documentary covers the proceedings of the 3rd PPT held in 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This documentary covers the experiences of communities who have actively resisted and fought against corporate ipmunity. Ranging from the experiences of the Marikana community fighting against Lonmin to communities fighting against the Inga Dam 3 in the DRC. Produced by Southern African Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StopCorpPower

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dismantlecorppower/

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  1. mike chung says:

    Hi Kea,
    I have been listening to your TNI web meeting
    I just wanted to make you aware of this new technology,

    We are making huge progress and hope we can make a difference for the future.

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