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Water flows to money and climate change wont change this [Podcast]

Water flows to money and climate change wont change this

Cape Towns responses to the drought


“People do not have secure access to water in cape town, but if you have money you can use as much water as you like” Jessica Wilson

The latest One Million Climate Jobs Monthly meeting took place at AIDC on the 4 July 2017. The feature input looked at Cape Town’s responses to the drought in context of the climate change. The main input was given by Jessica Wilson from the Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG).

Wilson highlighted Cape Town’s long term strategies to manage water as a scarce resource as well as Cape Town managements response to the current drought, the worst drought in 100 years.

Some of the long term strategies include:

1. Water Management Devices  –
2. A rising tariff curve – (use more , pay more)
3. Pressure reduction – to reduce loss of water due to leaks

Cape Town Management drought measures:

(a) removed provisions to free basic water
(b) new restrictions (level 4b)
(c) Pressure reduction
(d) no water for food growing

Water management devices cuts off water at 350 litres/day

Options to reduce impact of the water crisis:
1. Table mountain aquifer
2. cape flats aquifer & Atlantis aquifer
3. desalination
4. Waste water re-use
5. water conservation and demand management – saving water
6. voelvlei

Listen to the full input here

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