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The Current Review: Call for Submissions

The Current Review: Call for Submissions

The Current Review Editorial Collective | 18 March, 2019


If interested send an abstract, proposal, painting(s) or photograph(s) to this email address

There is no word limit!!

Deadline: 30 March, 2019

The Current Review is a publication by a group of scholars and activists, from South Africa, interested in various questions concerning our society. The group consists of scholars and activists from across the political, ideological theoretical and analytical divide. What unites us is the pursuit of knowledge through rigorous intellectual engagements and finding the most apt way to implement our ideas. The Current Review was formed to understand the question “what informs the African reality today” our theoretical and practical work from across the disciplines is directed at answering this fundamental question. Which we think if engaged can enable us to start thinking and possibly finding solutions to some of the problems our society faces.

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