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Europe’s claimed lead in the renewable energy transition offers Africa little to follow

In a world starving for want of good news, the article by the Mail & Guardian’s climate and environmental editor, Ozayr Patel, “Europe records drop in fossil fuels. Africa should do so too” (18 February 2024), might appear to be just

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CLIMATE CRISIS PART FOUR OP-ED: Forget the deckchairs – flush the deck of the policies sinking Eskom

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 06 Dec 2023 From what we already know about the government’s rescue plans for Eskom – plans widely supported by business and others – their emergency measures include more neoliberalism. That is not the

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CLIMATE CRISIS PART THREE OP-ED: Forget the deckchairs — the political economy that enables SA’s hunger crisis

  By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 06 Dec 2023     South Africa’s hunger crisis is the result of deregulation and liberalisation of the economy, leaving basic food unaffordable for millions and entrenching inequality in a country where millions live

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Just Transition Conference: We must adopt a public pathway approach to drive a swift transition to a low-carbon economy

Climate change is a pressing issue that requires immediate action. To address this challenge, we need to put forward a public pathway approach towards driving a transition to a low-carbon economy. This approach can overcome deep socio-economic inequalities and create

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CLIMATE CRISIS PART TWO OP-ED: Forget the deckchairs — we must navigate past the flotsam to avert sinking the climate change struggle

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 04 Dec 2023  There is no shortage of widely held explanations of why so little has been done about climate change. I think most of these explanations are wrong. This is part 2 of

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CLIMATE CRISIS PART ONE OP-ED: Forget the deckchairs — efforts to save ourselves from climate change are taking us backwards

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 03 Dec 2023  One of the certainties arising from scientific reports is that, at best, there is little prospect of restricting global warming to the maximum 1.5°C, to which the nations of the world

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JUST TRANSITION OP-ED: Social ownership of renewable energy — searching for the deck chairs long after the Titanic has sunk

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 19 Sep 2023  Why do the European failures in transitioning to social ownership of energy get so little attention? South Africa needs to understand where potential pitfalls lie and grapple with them as a

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AIDC climate justice digest

From 2009, the AIDC saw the necessity of integrating the ecological crisis and especially the climate crisis into its programmes and strategies, as a significant dimension of the overall crisis of civilisation which the world was facing. A major theme

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INTERNATIONAL TRADE OP-ED: Why do we allow the rich to rig the rules in their favour?

  By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 06 Aug 2023  The very language of trade negotiations is the language of war. Once concluded, the trade agreements give way, with astonishing cynicism, to the language of double-speak and deception. “The problem

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CLIMATE CHANGE OP-ED: The green economy – at best, a wishful illusion; at worst, a deceptive myth

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 25 May 2023 The claims of the green economy, together with the green economy’s long history, provide the essential backdrop to the question of why, after a gestation of 34 years, it still

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