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Unemployed People’s Movement (UPM) and Makhanda Citizen’s Front: Interview with Ayanda Kota

We started the Unemployed People’s Movement (UPM) in 2009. I think what gave rise to it was two things: the failures of the municipality which came out of IDP meetings. And the feeling that the politicians are taking us for

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AIDC STATEMENT: The 2024 Budget will make things even worse!

As expected, the Treasury today put forward another austerity budget to Parliament. Tokenistic increases in social grants will not be enough to soften the deep social crisis faced by the majority of impoverished South Africans. The budget will also result

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Joint statement: There is “an alternative” to the status quo of stagnation, mass unemployment and unprecedented inequality!

On 21 February, we will be marching with community organisations, trade unions, and activist groups ahead of the 2024 budget speech, recognising that austerity will likely continue to be implemented in this coming budget. Reports from health sector workers speak

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The Alternative Information Development Centre and the Cry of the Xcluded will be hosting a two-day Economy and Austerity Mass Teach-In. This event is geared towards individuals with a keen interest in economic justice and social welfare. Participants can expect

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Alternatives to Austerity: Dealing with Rising Levels of Public Debt

South Africa’s growing government debt is the main argument of the National Treasury’s implementation of budget austerity, under the name of ‘fiscal consolidation’ in South Africa. Our new publication focuses on the development of South African sovereign debt and also

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🔊 Join us ahead of the 2024 Budget Speech for a conference on alternatives to debt and austerity! 🌍 The Alternative Information and Development Centre will be hosting a two-day conference preceding the 2024 Budget Speech from 14 to 15 February

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CLIMATE SUMMIT FAILURES OP-ED: After 28 years of COPs, it’s time to go beyond just saying ‘blah, blah and blah’

  By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 16 Jan 2024  With the recently concluded COP28 being held in a prominent oil state, we now know that COP29 will be held in yet another oil state. Let’s spend 2024 learning the

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HYBRID BOOK LAUNCH | Until We Fall: Long Distance Life on the Left

  Join us on Monday 22 January 2024, from 18h00 at AIDC Solidarity Centre and via Zoom for the book launch of Until We Fall: Long Distance Life on the Left by Helena Sheehan.  GUEST SPEAKERS:  Colin Bundy, the South

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CLIMATE CRISIS PART FOUR OP-ED: Forget the deckchairs – flush the deck of the policies sinking Eskom

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 06 Dec 2023 From what we already know about the government’s rescue plans for Eskom – plans widely supported by business and others – their emergency measures include more neoliberalism. That is not the

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CLIMATE CRISIS PART THREE OP-ED: Forget the deckchairs — the political economy that enables SA’s hunger crisis

  By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 06 Dec 2023     South Africa’s hunger crisis is the result of deregulation and liberalisation of the economy, leaving basic food unaffordable for millions and entrenching inequality in a country where millions live

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