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CLIMATE SUMMIT FAILURES OP-ED: After 28 years of COPs, it’s time to go beyond just saying ‘blah, blah and blah’

  By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 16 Jan 2024  With the recently concluded COP28 being held in a prominent oil state, we now know that COP29 will be held in yet another oil state. Let’s spend 2024 learning the

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Just Transition Conference: We must adopt a public pathway approach to drive a swift transition to a low-carbon economy

Climate change is a pressing issue that requires immediate action. To address this challenge, we need to put forward a public pathway approach towards driving a transition to a low-carbon economy. This approach can overcome deep socio-economic inequalities and create

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Energy Transition Mythbusters: Unpacking the 6 policy myths that threaten decarbonisation

The Transnational Institute in collaboration with the Trade Unions for Energy Democracy has published a report aimed at challenging six harmful but influential energy transition myths used to persuade us that the private sector, free markets, cheaper prices and decentralisation

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#FixEskom to address South Africa’s energy crisis: Private sector is the problem not the solution to the electricity crisis: a public pathway is possible!

Context: The escalation of load shedding and Eskom’s general debilitation has exploded into a national crisis. Unfortunately for South Africans, the government has not confronted this crisis with effective and just solutions.  After years of short-sighted policy choices, the government

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Op-Ed: We should be sceptical of climate loans

By Andile Zulu | Mail & Guardian | 25 Nov 2022 Who does the government serve? As people across the country struggle to survive, witnessing their country deteriorate because of pervasive economic dysfunction and misgovernance, the lethargy and inaction of the ANC government

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AIDC statement in support of the #NationalShutdown!

The South African Federation of Trade Union (SAFTU) and working-class formations, including the Assembly of the Unemployed are embarking on a national shutdown on 24 August 2022. The national shutdown is taking up demands against the rising cost of living

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THE BIG COP-OUT OP-ED: Our skies are burning while our modern-day Neros fiddle at the UN Conference of the Parties

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 14 Aug 2022  With the 27th meeting of the UN’s Conference of the Parties – otherwise known as COP – now only months away, it is pertinent to ask: Who benefits from these annual

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How Climate Jobs Can Offer Decent Work to South Africans

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Right to Say No pamphlet

The National Right to Say No campaign is excited to share a short information pamphlet that speaks to what the Right to Say No campaign is, the demands being made by communities affected by extractivism and who can say no.

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Mail and Guardian, electric cars are not a panacea

Mail and Guardian, electric cars are not a panacea Jeff Rudin | Mail and Guardian | 03 May, 2021 Life would be simple if the only problem with cars was their petrol engines. Alas, although the transition from fossil fuels

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