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CLIMATE CRISIS PART TWO OP-ED: Forget the deckchairs — we must navigate past the flotsam to avert sinking the climate change struggle

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 04 Dec 2023  There is no shortage of widely held explanations of why so little has been done about climate change. I think most of these explanations are wrong. This is part 2 of

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CLIMATE CRISIS PART ONE OP-ED: Forget the deckchairs — efforts to save ourselves from climate change are taking us backwards

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 03 Dec 2023  One of the certainties arising from scientific reports is that, at best, there is little prospect of restricting global warming to the maximum 1.5°C, to which the nations of the world

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INTERNATIONAL TRADE OP-ED: Why do we allow the rich to rig the rules in their favour?

  By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 06 Aug 2023  The very language of trade negotiations is the language of war. Once concluded, the trade agreements give way, with astonishing cynicism, to the language of double-speak and deception. “The problem

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CLIMATE CHANGE OP-ED: The green economy – at best, a wishful illusion; at worst, a deceptive myth

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 25 May 2023 The claims of the green economy, together with the green economy’s long history, provide the essential backdrop to the question of why, after a gestation of 34 years, it still

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CARBON CRISIS OP-ED: Why the fossil-fuel industry is a distraction to understanding the failure of COP27

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 01 Dec 2022  We should not be distracted by holding the fossil-fuel industry accountable for the failures of the COPs. Instead, we must understand the incestuous links between politics and business and why world leaders

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