Robertson Winery Strike Update: Week 12


Csaawu and striking workers thank all of you very much for you magnificent support  and solidarity work in support of striking RW workers and farm-workers in general. Comrades after overseeing five mediation meetings the CCMA withdrew its assistance for the process. The negotiations have now collapsed. Striking workers after much debate have made a major concession to resolve the dispute, that they will except the company`s latest meagre offer of R400 for the lowest paid workers and 8% for the highest paid workers on condition that the company.

1.  Backdated it to May 2016

2. Pay all strikers their bonus as in previous years.

3. No disciplinary action to be taken against any striking workers for participating in this protected strike.

4. Company except a peace clause and the CCMA assist the parties through a Relationship building exercise, to rebuild the  relationship between the parties.

The company rejected this latest major compromise offer of the workers and is prepared to sit it out. It is now clear that the company wants to destroy the confidence of the workers,cripple and destroy Csaawu.

Boycott Robertson Wine Week 3, the strike continues "...Read more

Comrades If ever we need your continuous support it is now. There is no more negotiations between the parties and it will now be about who gives in first.

Your support is now of critical importance in this period, as it will determine the outcome of this strike. Workers are also under immense pressure because of no -income but are of the opinion they cannot make any more compromises, even after the union proposed a tactical retreat.

Csaawu therefore calls for the continuous intensification of the boycott of all Robertson Winery products.

Comrades to continue writing protest letters to the company and engage in any type of protest actions that fits your conditions. Comradely greetings, Amandla! Trevor Christians

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