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The European Left in Times of Crises: Lessons from Greece

The European Left in Times of Crises: Lessons from Greece

by Andreas Karitzis

In the wake of neoliberalism and concomitant harsh austerity measures, the people of Greece resisted. The political parties in Greece inspired few, so people looked for alternatives. Syriza rose. 3 years on, in 2015, the world watched in awe as the people in Greece cried “Oxi” or No to austerity! 

Karitzis new book “The European Left in Times of Crisis – Lessons from Greece” highlights and assesses a series of actions and phenomena in the Syriza’s internal operation, its programmatic work, and its relationship with resistance and solidarity movements during this preparatory period (2012-2015) and the first few months of progressive governance, until the bitter end of the negotiations and SYRIZA’s acceptance of the austerity framework.

The book helps us to learn from the Greek experience and the Syriza Moment, in the search for a new emancipatory politics and effective social mobilisation in the 21st century.

Download a copy of the book here

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