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Activists Leadership School Camp: 28th – 30th November 2016


Leading activists from social movements across South African will converge at a camping site at Llandudno coast in Cape Town. Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC) together with partner social movements is hosting a leadership school camp in order to build a layer of conscious and politically matured cadre to lead local struggles. We are expecting more 50 activists from the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State, Mpumalanga and Gauteng.

Although there are sporadic, explosive and spontaneous local struggles around service delivery, fees, unemployment and poverty,  a conscious and consistent organic grassroots leadership has not emerged. As a result these struggles are not linking up with other peoples’ initiatives across the country to form a formidable movement against the system of oppression and exploitation.

Together with our partner organisations we have set ourselves a task to create this grassroots leadership. We understand that this will be done over a long period requiring patience and resources. This grassroots leadership of activists will be empowered to understand the society we live in, how we can change it and above all what the new society will look like. We are making a contribution to a new breed of leaders for tomorrow.

20160929_141359_burst01This is a huge responsibility we are taking on but we understand that it must be done in order to build the capacity of the poor to lead their own battles. We are therefore determined and call on all other progressive forces to join us in this historic task. This coming camp will have the following objectives:

  • To develop understanding and appreciation of global ecological crisis issues among a core of leadership of the partner organisations
  • To develop understanding and urgency of the need for system chance among a core of leadership of partner organisations
  • To introduce the crisis of politics in South Africa and Globally among the core partner organisations
  • To develop a deeper understand of the role of social movements
  • To impart some core leadership skills


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