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Students speak out on Free-Fee Report

Students speak out on Free-Fee Report The much anticipated President’s Report on the Feasibility of Free Tertiary education was released. Fees have not fallen, even after three years of student protests under the banners #FeesMustFall and #OutsourcingMustFall. It’s been a

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Brazil’s Student Upsurge

Brazil’s massive student occupations are occurring against a backdrop of crumbling left parties and a vicious austerity government. On October 25, a high-school student shocked Brazil when she explained the reasons why the country is facing its most turbulent social

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Digging In – Financing Higher Education

In October 2015, we saw the rise of the student movement under the banners of Rhodes Must Fall and Fees Must Fall. Although there were important student struggles before 2015, the new student movement was significant for a number of

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’76 reloaded: Students on the march

It is one year since the students of Cape Town stormed the gates of Parliament, demanding that university fees fall and that universities end outsourcing at these institutions. This article was written by an Amandla correspondent and published in Issue

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Free Higher Education – the Brazilian case

Extract from the Mail and Gaurdian Some of the Nordic countries are commonly singled out as examples of nations that provide free tertiary education. In Finland and Sweden it is enshrined in their Constitutions. But these are developed nations, economically

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A Burning Bus: Are we headed for Marikana Mk II?

By: Mark Heywood From: Daily Maverick I abhor violence but I’m not a pacifist. Violence has its time. Monday’s violence was predictable. It was like a weather front moving gradually from Wits to Braamfontein. When it came it was like

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Amandla Feature – Is our 76 moment still to come

Image by Imraan Christian

Is our ’76 Moment Still to come? By Leigh-Ann Naidoo for Amandla 46 In June 1976, exactly 40 years ago, thousands of high school students took to the streets. They were resisting the apartheid state’s insistence that Afrikaans be a

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Why popular movements win: the student movement in Quebec

  All the time, everywhere, people resist. Sometimes openly, sometimes secretly. Sometimes locally, sometimes more broadly. As Mao said “Where there is oppression, there is resistance”. Some popular movements are victorious, while many others lose. As activists we constantly ask

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