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Word on the Street: What are today’s youth ready to fight for?

Word on the street: What are today’s youth ready to fight for? 

Amandla Ulutsha Newsletter |Issue 13 Editorial | 14 June 2018

Elikplim Atsiatorme, Ghana

For me and for a lot of people from my generation – at least from the Ghanaian perspective -, we are ready to stand against our leaders, especially against the older generation not being accountable for their actions and selling to us false dreams and promises. In addition to that, we are ready to fight for our right to own and be part of our development: to be given opportunities and not be talked down at as if we know nothing.


Sena, Togo (translated from French)

Being African and in particular Togolese, I fight for the dawn of rule of law in all regions of Africa, notably in Togo. As a matter of fact, without a true and equitable justice in a country, its development is mortgaged to corruption and mismanagement, and therefore the enjoyment of human rights and freedoms can’t take place. It’s for this reason that I am ready to fight, even at the risk of my life, for this cause.

It is recorded that our generation aspires to more freedom: freedom of thought, freedom of choice and way of living, etc. Our generation is becoming more and more insatiable and committed to excesses. Unfortunately our generation gave itself the taste of debauchery! And because every generation has its share of responsibility in the maintenance of moral and spiritual values of our society, our generation should conform to the norms and be inclined to impart those values onto the following generation.


Sam, Cape Town

I am ready to fight against capitalism, and to build socialism. That simply means that I stand on the side of the workers in their class war against the bosses and their many allies.


Clara Elisabeth Bauer, Berlin, Germany

I’m ready to fight for the required representation of intersectional feminism as opposed to non-inclusive social justice work in wide reach mainstream media.

I stand up for especially women’s and LGBTQ+ issues, while also using my privileges to empower more marginalized voices, as in POC for example. Furthermore, I also hope to educate the more privileged folks around me and draw their attention to social issues they might not even be aware of.

I believe that my generation is very woke and passionate about human rights. We are unified through new forms of media unlike ever before and are made to come together especially in rough global political climates like our current one to request what’s long due.


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