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A different, better South Africa needs more than just blaming the ANC

By Jeff Rudin  Most South Africans agree that the country is in a mess and that the ANC must go if there is to be any chance of a second building of a new South Africa. Re-birthing the South Africa so

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WATER-RELATED HEALTH CRISES OP-ED (PART TWO): Cholera — examining the horrific consequences of government’s own contaminated policy choices

By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 27 Jun 2023  Understanding the background to the neoliberal political economy that underpins government policy choices is a starting point for addressing the changes needed to reduce the excesses of our country’s poverty, unemployment

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Op-Ed | Symptoms of a paranoid dictatorship: Why Numsa has degenerated

Unions should by law be prohibited from owning or having any interest in investment companies. They have wrought havoc in the South African trade union movement.

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Op-Ed: Electric cars are not a panacea!

By Jeff Rudin  | M&G | 3 May 2021     Life would be simple if the only problem with cars was their petrol engines. Alas, although the transition from fossil fuels is necessary, the problem with cars goes way beyond the

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The climate crisis calls for an immediate capping – not decapitating – of capitalism

The climate crisis calls for an immediate capping – not decapitating – of capitalism Jeff Rudin | DailyMaverick | 04 May The still-to-be-answered challenge in finding a way out of the impasse of the climate crisis is not what constitutes an

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