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SAFTU contacts per sector


SAFTU contacts per sector

The emergence of the new federation, SAFTU, offers hope to the current crisis in national worker representation and presents itself as a new dawn for South Africa’s trade union movement. It has proposed to fulfill the objectives of being an independent, but not apolitical, federation.

Furthermore, it aims to target vulnerable, marginalised workers and militantly resist the ANC’s anti-worker policies in a time of high unemployment.

Two of its founding principles include accountability and effective organisation, and these cannot be ensured without access to its affiliate unions. Updated contact lists are key to transparency and mobilisation. Below are the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for the SAFTU affiliates within the municipal services sector and the public sector, respectively. Let this be the beginning of the end of exploiting of workers.



Commercial and Services including Cleaning & Security Sectors:

Commercial & Services

Manufacturing, Mining and Construction Sectors

Manufacturing & Mining

Transport Sector


Public sector

Public Sector

Municipal services Sector


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13 comments on “SAFTU contacts per sector
  1. Letsang Collins says:

    At last justice a d democracy shall prevail in this country. The rights for workers had been captured by the ruling party and thus closing all doors for self expression. SAFTU is our home. My request now is that we need to affiliate as teachers to this structure. Could you please help us access the forms and let us know the teachers union affiliating to this federation. Mpumalanga workers are captured as you know comrades. Release us please.

  2. Letsang Collins says:

    Then as a teacher could I join any public sector union? The names of the mentioned unions confuses me. These are new entities comrades. Could you please guide me. I want a new home as a matter of urgency. There are many teachers here with the same challenge. We need also to mobilise and strengthen the membership.

  3. Molotlhanyi Moraluki says:

    Kindly give me details of people whom can I contact with regard to application forms in Bloemfontein.

  4. Haydie Snyders says:

    Goodday. I am a member of Saftu and I have a problem with my transfer that I took. Its now more than a year and still i have have a break in service although i didnt skip a single day at work.My letter from dept education shows a transfer but on their system it shows re – appointed.I therefore did not receive any slary for two months as well as my bonus and IQMS. I would appreciate it if you can assist me. im staying in the Northern Cape.

  5. BD CARELSE says:

    I’m a Popcru member for years now.I was really looking for an alternative within the Police but don’t think SAPU is the solution.Im a clerk for 14years now without a promotion (level 5).Had to divorce my wife in order to send my daughter to University.Still believe that Police Officials cannot take decisions for and on behalf of civilians within in the Police cause they don’t and will never understand our plight.Its only the civilians themselves who can decide on their future and frustrations within the Police or Security Cluster.Its not only 10111 who suffers but all civilians.

  6. Vuyisa Sango says:

    we are working for a big factory in Gauteng, but we want to form our own union and I also believe that we are not less than 7600.May you assist us with guide lines in terms of the procedures, where to start when you are forming a new union

  7. craig christopher says:

    Good day
    My name is craig christopher and I am employed as a security officer in kimberley, northern cape. My concern is that secutity officers and related employees in the private security industry, which is quite huge, is not organised at all. I would appreciate some guidance as to how we can remedy this situation going forward. Your response in this regard is eagerly anticipated.

  8. Z Colombile says:

    It sound hopefully because, we as in security fields we are experiencing a difficult situation in terms of wages

  9. lucky motsha says:

    good day.

    will it be possible to revisit matter between psa/nehawu vs free state government, concerning salary upgrading (level 3 to level 5) with salary backdate, and salary backdate didn’t happened as was expected and there was enormous cash set aside for both upgrading and salary backdated?

    yours in struggle.


  10. Jones says:

    Hi there are companies that are still exploiting work. I work for Casino that does. They use students to replace workers.I am asking for some help on this.I am not part of those ,but I feel bad about it.there is a union (FAWU) but they don’t care about those workers.please help

  11. Jones says:

    There are problems on other sector like hospitality where you will find that workers are still being exploited. There is a certain casino that does that, as they are having a hotel school they have cut hours and day for workers and replace them with students.

  12. Britsley says:

    Good Day I just like to inform that the milling company where I work Gritsly in Well do not have union and that we would like to join a union pls. My superiors should never know about this writing pls.

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