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Crisis in Makhanda

Crisis in Makhanda

Unemployed People’s Movement Statement | 16 May, 2019

Makhanda is a broken town. The whole world knows this. The ANC have looted the town’s money, year after year, with no consequences. They have enriched themselves while impoverishing the town, and leading to a collapse in its most basic services.

In the Makana Municipality it has been the worst of times, the age of foolishness, the epoch of incredulity, the season of darkness, the winter of despair. In 1995 we had everything before us, and today we have nothing before us.

We are struggling for the best of times, for the age of wisdom, for the epoch of belief, for the season of light, for the spring of hope, we are struggling to have everything before us.

The ANC can’t collect rubbish. They can’t provide water. When there is water it is not fit for human consumption.

As everyone knows it was Gift of the Givers who brought relief to people of this town who were without water for weeks and, when there was water, drinking water with heavy metals and faeces. The ANC could not accept that a charity could succeed where they had failed year after year. Now Gift of the Givers has to leave and we again must be subjected to dry taps and contaminated water.

The politicians are as cruel and vain as they are corrupt. They want to remove Gift of the Givers so that they can bring back the tenderpreneures and continue the looting.

Yesterday the people of Nkanini and Pola Park asked Gift of the Givers why are they leaving and now that they are leaving who will deliver water for them? They have no taps and no toilets. One old woman who is 85 years old said why is God giving the more life, life of suffering and pain. She said that God must take her. These are old people whose houses were sold by the very same politicians

We re-affirm our call for dissolution of this corrupt council.

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Sikhumbuzo Tshezi Azania Soxujwa

Sinovuyo Mankwali Ngubo

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One comment on “Crisis in Makhanda
  1. Marylou says:

    and yet, the corruption was voted in again, in the last election? Ag no. This is an extremely sad situation, indeed. When my town was devastated by fires in June 2017, the Gift of the Givers were an incredibly kind and helpful organization- it was them alone who brought us aid when it was needed, and brought some order back- and I am really sad to see them being treated so badly by our government.

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