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AIDC to host first Council Meeting for 2024!

The Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC) will be hosting its first council meeting today. The process of changing AIDC’s governing structure to make provision for our partners to be members of the AIDC has ensured that the potential gap between the NGO and its popular constituency is negated. As a leading source of research and information on themes ranging from austerity and debt to financialization, tax, illicit financial flows, BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting), and energy transitions, AIDC is shaping dialogues around economic justice and sustainability.

The council, comprising esteemed members of AIDC’s current board, is poised to delve into critical discussions that resonate with the contemporary economic landscape. Each member brings to the table a wealth of expertise, experience, and a shared commitment to advancing progressive agendas in the face of complex global challenges.

At the heart of AIDC’s mission is the unwavering dedication to interrogating systems of power and privilege that perpetuate inequality and exploitation. Through rigorous research, analysis, and advocacy, AIDC seeks to empower communities, challenge neoliberal orthodoxy, and envision alternative pathways towards a more just and equitable world.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Austerity and Debt: Addressing the Human Costs

Austerity measures have become synonymous with the neoliberal playbook, often exacting a heavy toll on the most vulnerable segments of society. AIDC’s research sheds light on the human costs of austerity policies, advocating for alternative approaches that prioritize social welfare and economic justice.

  • Tackling Illicit Financial Flows and BEPS

Illicit financial flows and BEPS pose formidable challenges to global efforts towards tax justice and sustainable development. AIDC’s work exposes the mechanisms through which multinational corporations exploit regulatory loopholes and engage in profit-shifting, advocating for robust measures to curb tax evasion and ensure corporations contribute their fair share to society.

  • Navigating Energy Transitions: Towards a Sustainable Future

In an era marked by the imperative of addressing climate change, energy transitions occupy a central place in shaping the trajectory of global development. AIDC’s research on energy transitions interrogates the intersections of power, ecology, and social justice, advocating for renewable energy solutions that prioritize the needs of communities and safeguard environmental integrity.

  • Partner Reports and discussion on the challenges of movement building in the current situation

AIDC has developed strategic partnerships with several organisations and movements that have been intimately involved in developing and implementing AIDC programmes and have helped to formulate the current strategic plan. 

The council meeting represents a pivotal moment for us to strategize, collaborate, and chart a course for impactful interventions in economic policy and social transformation. As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges, the insights and initiatives emanating from the council promise to catalyze meaningful change and advance visions of a more equitable and sustainable future.

While the council meeting itself is closed to the public, there are ways to stay engaged:

  • Follow AIDC on Social Media for live updates and insights from the meeting. 
  • Read the Post-Meeting Summary: We will release a summary of key discussions and outcomes after the meeting, so keep an eye out for that.
  • Engage with AIDC’s Resources: Read our research reports, articles, and publications on our website to deepen your understanding of these critical issues.
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