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AIDC is hiring!

  • Climate Change and Energy Advocacy Officer 
  • Deputy Director
  • Economic and Budget justice Advocacy Officer
  • Media and Communications Officer

About us

AIDC was formed in 1996 in response to the democratic transition in South Africa and the new opportunities and challenges it brought those seeking greater social justice within the democracy. 

We do research, advocacy and movement building to contribute to the renewal and potency of popular movements for ecofeminist and socially just alternatives. Key areas of focus include:

  1. Supporting the building of vibrant, autonomous and inclusive movements capable fighting for a Just Transition; 
  2. Working with social and trade union partners to resist and build alternatives to neoliberal and extractivist policies;  
  3. Contributing to social and eco-feminist alternatives for a Just Transition;

Over the years AIDC has played a leading role in various civil society responses to ongoing inequality including facilitating the launch and building of the South African Jubilee 2000 debt cancellation campaign, and the Right to Work Campaign. In recent years AIDC co-ordinated the Million Climate Jobs Campaign, hosted the Southern African People’s Tribunal on Transnational Corporations under the banner of the Dismantle Corporate Power Campaign, which birthed the Right to Say No Campaign. AIDC has established itself as a leading source of research and information on Illicit Financial Flows, Energy Democracy, themes of poverty, trade, and globalisation as well as playing a central role in various regional and international networks and forums

Supporting Popular Resistance and Alternatives for a Just Transition (2022-2024)

From 2022 to 2024, AIDC will work with popular movements of civil society to develop, in more concrete terms what such a Just Transition entails. 

1.  Deputy Director 

Key responsibilities:

  • Fundraising and donor liaison
  • Donor reporting
  • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Contribute to strategic political direction


  • Extensive experience of the social justice sector;
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in budgeting and fundraising;
  • Extensive organizational management experience;

2.  Media and Communications Officer 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement AIDC’s media communication strategy;
  • Ensure regular featuring of AIDC’s research and advocacy in main stream and social media;
  • Maintain and expand AIDC’s media platforms;
  • Capacitate and develop partners media and communication outputs.


  • Extensive media experience;
  • Experience in website management and search engine optimisation;
  • Experience in multimedia and design. 

3.  Climate and Energy Researcher and Advocacy Officer 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Co-ordinate AIDC’s climate and energy democracy programme;
  • Contribute to AIDC’s research, information dissemination and campaigns in relation to climate change, energy policy and a just transition to a wage-led, low-carbon development path;


  • Strong political economy analysis;
  • Extensive knowledge on climate science, decarbonization and energy democracy;
  • Extensive Research and Training Experience;
  1. Economic and Budget Justice Researcher & Education Officer 

Key responsibilities:

• Political economy research and macroeconomic analysis including budget analysis;

• Information dissemination and training;

• Together with AIDC allies promote campaigns i.r.t. economic and social justice.


• Strong political economy analysis and perspectives;

• Extensive knowledge in relation to macroeconomic policy including fiscal, monetary, industrial, tax and trade policy;

• Competence to undertake economic research, analysis and write reports.

Please send CVs and cover letters to by 17 January 2021

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