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Steve Biko On Death

Steve Biko On Death in “I write What I like”

40 years since the assassination of Steve Bantu Biko, we remember his sacrifice for the freedom of all oppressed people. In Chapter 19 in “I write what I like” Biko reflects on death.

For him “You are either alive and proud or you are dead, and when you are dead you can’t care anyway. And your method of death can itself be a politicizing thing.

So Biko said to them, “listen, if you guys want to do this your way, you have got to handcuff me and bind my feet together, so that I can’t respond. If you allow me to respond I’m certainly going to respond. And I’m afraid you may have to kill me in the process even if its not your intention.”

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2 comments on “Steve Biko On Death
  1. Presh says:

    Wow….this man was an amazing soul,guess what? They killed him exactly in the manner he just mentioned! Was this a premonition?

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