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Palestinian Hunger Strike for Human Dignity [AIDC Statement]

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Palestinian Hunger Strike for Human Dignity

The Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC) stands in solidarity with over a thousand five hundred Palestinian prisoners who have embarked on a prolonged mass hunger strike.

The hunger strike has lasted since Palestinian Prisoners Day (17 April 2017), as the Palestinian political prisoners risk their lives in their fight against repression by the Israeli state in the fight to restore their human dignity.

AIDC supports the Palestinian political prisoners demands:

  • To abolish detention without charge or trial,
  • For the cessation of child detention
  • For an immediate end to solitary confinement,
  • To put an end to unlawful denial of family visits,
  • To end prison conditions that undermines prisoners rights to human life and dignity,
  • The right to legal representation,
  • For proper medical care, and
  • For the right to pursue higher education

AIDC further condemns the barbaric and inhumane response of the Israel Prison Service to the hunger strikers, including forcing hunger strikers to drink water out of toilets.

Whilst we note and applaud the action of individual ministers who are fasting in solidarity with the Palestinian hunger strikers, we call on the SA government to implement the BDS campaign against the Israeli state; the Palestinian equivalent of the international campaign against Apartheid South Africa.

Palestinian Apartheid state must end – End the oppression of the Palestinian people! No justice until there is justice for Palestine.

Brian Ashley (Director)

Dominic Brown (Media and Communications Officer)

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