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[Podcast] Anglo-America in South Africa: a History of Abuses and Violations.

[Podcast] Anglo-America in South Africa: a History of Abuses and Violations.

Anglo American Plc, a multinational mining company, are the world’s largest producer of platinum, and a major producer of diamonds, nickel and coal. 

Historically, they supported parties that took part in white only political systems. They themselves implemented in a very harsh form of capitalism, paying out extremely low wages, and utilizing migrant labor, destroying local subsistence agriculture. 

Apartheid allowed mining companies like Anglo to make profit off the back of a massively exploited working class. Since the fall of Apartheid, Anglo moved its headquarters to London, but is still implementing several mining projects around and in South Africa.

We asked an activist living in a mining-affected community what she has to say about Anglo America methods and practices. These testimonies highlight how Anglo hasn’t changed its essence – its fundamental DNA – since the fall of Apartheid. It was and still is, narrowly focuses on profit maximization, no matter the cost to the rights of workers and communities.

– Pinky Langa: activist living in Mpumalanga
– Dineo Skosana: coal mining researcher at Society, Work & Politics Institute (SWOP)

Many thanks to David Fig

Podcast also available in French:

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