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Marange Diamond Fields Massacre 2008 – Media Package

In 2006 the Marange fields in Zimbabwe were discovered since then have had an increasing output of diamonds (8,2 million carat in 2010; 16,9 million carat in 2012; 8-10 million carat estimated in 2015). The fields have been state-owned since 2007, but the area also provides lots of opportunities for artisanal miners. To end what they called ‘illegal mining’ and ‘smuggling’ the Zimbabwean government launched Operation Hakudzowki in Nov 2008. The Air Force came with helicopters and shot randomly at the working miners, men, women and even children. Soldiers came on foot, using dogs to attack. Miners were killed or maimed, women and children were raped and people were beaten with sticks. It was a cruel massacre that killed 214 miners in Zimbabwe. Anyone at the fields at this time was accused of being an illegal miner or at least supporting illegal mining activities.

The small number of prosecutions that were initiated have been inconsistent and petered out. The Zimbabwean government has refused any full investigation. The AIDC has provided articles, photographs and documents to understand the situation right now.

Access them below:

8 Years since the Marange Massacre:
It’s such an important topic, it’s been 8 years since the Marange massacre and nothing has happened about a horrific situation that is still ongoing. Read more here

Stop corporate power! The Southern Africa Permanent People’s tribunal on transnational corporations:
A general article about the tribunal and brief summaries of some of the cases. Contained in issue 47 of Amandla! See the first article of the series published in Amandla! 47 here

Operation Hakudzokwi – What happened in Chiadzwa:
Report written for the European Union on the massacre on the community of Chiadzwa. Access the report here

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