Mantashe announces a ‘Third Coming’ to Xolobeni on 16 January – “DON’T COME, MINISTER MANTASHE!”

Mantashe announces a ‘Third Coming’ to Xolobeni on 16 January – “DON’T COME, MINISTER MANTASHE!”

Amadiba Crisis Committee Press Statement | 09 January 2018

On 20 December our lawyers got a letter. Gwede Mantashe “invites stakeholders” to discuss “economic development” in Xolobeni on 16 January. He asked to meet our lawyers in advance. The lawyers will probably meet him tonight, after the meeting was delayed.

As explained several times, the Mining Minister is not welcomed by the community. DMR should stop the campaign for mining in Xolobeni. This matter is in court.

On 23 September, Mining Minister Gwede Mantashe created chaos in Xolobeni. On 22 November the Pretoria High Court ruled that our community has the Right to Say No to mining. Communities that have suffered from colonialism and apartheid must give “full and informed” consent before DMR can approve mining on their land. Mr Mantashe appealed this court ruling on 13 December.

Our lawyers have demanded the ‘securities registers’ over shareholders in ‘Xolobeni Mining Project’ since June last year. The law says this should be given within 14 days. The Australian daughter company Transworld Energy and Minerals (1999/013621/07), Keysha Investment 178, “Xolco” (2003/001118/07) and their accountants have refused to cooperate. The official accountant of “Xolco” says he never heard of this company.

All this will go to court. Those in ANC who need to worry can worry. We appeal to all concerned about land and human rights to tell Mining Minister Mr Gwede Mantashe to stop his ‘Third Coming’.

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