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Local Government in South Africa: Briefing Papers

Local Government in South Africa: Briefing Papers

AIDC + Assembly of the Unemployed | Briefing Papers | 31 May, 2021

A man holds a placard demanding services during a service delivery protest in Lenasia South, 16 October 2014. Residents of the Thembelihle informal settlement marched to the Joburg Urban Management offices in Lenasia demanding urgent attention to the water and electricity problems.

The functioning of local government in South Africa has been severely affected by the implementation of austerity policies. Such measures have resulted in budget cuts for municipalities and impacted on their ability to deliver services. This series of briefing papers looks at different aspects of local government in South Africa, in this context of austerity. 

The first instalment of the series locates municipalities within the broader government apparatus, looking at how powers are divided and resources allocated across the three spheres of government. You can access it by clicking on this link: Division of Powers & Allocation of Resources

The second instalment looks at how local governments are constituted, explaining how office bearers and officials are elected and appointed, and outlining their roles and responsibilities. Access it by clicking on this link: Local Government Make-Up & Responsibilities

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