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Celebrating Marx’s 200th

Celebrating Marx’s 200th

We bring you a series of articles and a couple of videos from around the world that celebrated the day Karl Marx was born 200 years ago on 5 May 1818 in the southern German town of Trier.

We begin with longer pieces to dig your teeth into:

1. Alex Callinicos discusses the importance of acknowledging Marx’s political contributions in International Socialism

2. John Bellamy Foster expounds on the open-ended nature of Marx’s critique in Monthly Review

3. Lenin’s brief biographical sketch with an exposition of Marxism at


Then, some shorter reads, for those with less time:

1. A range of Marxists chose their best book by and about Marx in Verso

2. Nigel Gibson discusses how workers activity shaped Marx’s though in The Conversation

3. Alex Callinicos looks at the lasting legacy of Marx, the great revolutionary, in The Socialist Worker


For those that prefer newer forms of media, a couple of videos:

1. Raoul Peck’s acclaimed biography The Young Karl Marx

2. Paul Mason’s first in a series of five short films K is for Karl Marx


And finally a few articles in newspapers from around the world:

1. On why Marx is more relevant than ever from the leading bourgeois newspaper, the Financial Times

2. An account of Marx’s thought in the New York Times

3. On not judging Marx on his followers excesses in the Irish Times


and here is a link to the Communist Manifesto

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