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Amadiba Donate Food to KZN riot victims

Amadiba Donate Food to KZN riot victims

Press Alert | 23 July, 2021

Following the week of devastation and rioting across the country that left many destitute, without food or shelter across KZN, the Amadiba Crisis Committee (ACC) have elected to donate fresh produce to affected communities. Particularly affected have been members of Abahlali BaseMjondolo (AbM) who have had their homes and shelters burnt down by criminal elements who used the chaos for their own purposes. With a cold front gripping the nation just as hunger in South Africa reaches historic levels. 

On the 23rd of July, 2021 the Amadiba made the first of these Community-to-Community Solidarity donations from the produce they grow on their fertile land. The Amadiba Crisis Committee has only been able to provide such important support to their comrades because they have managed to protect and defend their land against mining forces who would leave the area destitute. 

While this community solidarity is important it shows the failures of the government in protecting vulnerable communities in times of crisis. The biggest failures highlighted, are the failure to provide South Africans with a basic income grant, and the failures of land policy that leaves millions without adequate shelter and the means to grow their own food.  The only way out of this crisis is for all in South Africa to direct their energy towards fighting for a society that protects the land rights and livelihoods of all those who live in the country. 

The solidarity displayed by the Amadiba is an inspiration and a clear indication of the capacity of poor people through their solidarity to constitute an alternative way of being in the face of the neglect of big business and the state.

For more details contact:

Nonhle Mbuthuma +27 76 359 2982

Thapelo Mohapi – +27 74 774 4219

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