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AIDC’s 20th Anniversary and The Seminar on the Crisis of Politics


The AIDC is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. At the same time, it is the 10th anniversary since the launching of the Amandla media project.

To commemorate AIDC’s 20th anniversary and Amandla’s 10th anniversary, we will host a seminar on the crisis of politics. This is a forerunner to an international conference that we will host in collaboration with our Transnational Institute friends in March 2017 on the same theme.

For more information on the seminar download here.

Download program  here

AIDC has put together a media package consisting of the following articles in preparation for the seminar.

  1. “What Colour is our Flag, red or JZ?”:   Mazibuko K. Jara, criticizes the SACP’s approach on the Jacob Zuma matter here.
  2. The Double Lives of South African Marxism: This paper by Andrew Nash gives a historical overview about Marxism in South Africa here.
  3. Marxism and Utopian Vision: Without revolutionary utopia there will be no revolutionary action. Mike Lowy on the utopian-revolutionary dimensions of Marx’s work here.
  4. Identity Politics: An essay on working-class movement in the US by Robert Kelley here.
  5. The implosion of Venezuela´s rentier state: A closer look on Marxism internationally. After the Venezuelan model of an oil rentier economy has failed, the society should meet the challenge of transformation to an alternative model of society here.
  6. Change the World without taking power?…or…Take Power to change the world? A collection of contributions to the debate on strategies on how to built another world here.
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