Small scale renewable energy for universal provision of cheap energy

The next One Million Climate jobs meeting date has been set! The new date will be Friday 4 August, as usual 9:30 at AIDC´s. We have invited Frank Spencer to introduce the topic: “Small scale renewable energy for universal provision of


Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”. William Shakespeare Mandela Day is celebrated every year on 18th July, Mandela´s birthday, to honour his legacy. Let us pay tribute to him as


Report supports national minimum wage

From: Amandla! Issue No.48 | OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2016 In July 2016, Wits’ School of Economic and Business Sciences produced a report on the hotly debated issue of a national minimum wage. It was the result of a series of working papers


#OccupyLuthuliHouse and the “morbid symptoms” of exile and incumbency

By: Ayabonga Cawe From: Amandla! Issue No.47 | SEPTEMBER 2016 The poster is as simple as its message. With just two logos, that of the ANC Youth League and the ANC, the black text boldly reads, “Chris Hani never march(sic)

This image released by Fox Searchlight shows Chiwetel Ejiofor, second right, in a scene from "12 Years A Slave."  (AP Photo/Fox Searchlight, Francois Duhamel)

Twelves years a slave

Twelves years a slave 10 July in 1807 or 1808, Solomon Northrup, a free African-American who was later kidnapped into slavery in Louisiana and wrote the book 12 Years a Slave, now a major motion picture, was born. This is

3. See caption file

BEE out of the closet: Malikane’s alliance for “black” capitalism

BEE out of the closet: Malikane’s alliance for “black” capitalism By Dick Forslund | Amandla Magazine Issue 52 | May 2017 Professor Chris Malikane at Wits is one of the advisors to the new and nervous Finance Minister, Mr Gigaba.


Fighting back against repression:CSAAWU organises on the farms of the Western Cape

From: Amandla! Issue No.42 | OCTOBER 2015 After the 2012 strike in the Western Cape, farmworkers’ organisations have organised themselves into an umbrella group – and they have experienced a backlash from employers. Amandla! interviewed Karel Swart, Deputy General Secretary


[ACC update] “Make your choice, Minister Zwane.”

Amadiba Crisis Committee 2017-07-05:   “We don’t want any ’18 month moratorium’. Make your choice, Minister Mr Zwane, and heed our decision to say no thank you to your mining. Otherwise see us in court.” This was the message from


Small scale Renewable Energy to provide access to affordable electricity

Small scale Renewable Energy to provide access to affordable electricity Hello everyone! the next Million Climate Jobs Monthly meeting will take place on TUESDAY, 25th JULY, at 9:30 Venue 129 Rochester Road, Observatory (AIDC). Frank Spencer from the OMCO Group will introduce


Water flows to money and climate change wont change this [Podcast]

Water flows to money and climate change wont change this Cape Towns responses to the drought The latest One Million Climate Jobs Monthly meeting took place at AIDC on the 4 July 2017. The feature input looked at Cape Town’s responses


Clarion Call for Solidarity with Izwelethu Occupation (Khayelitsha)

We are black working class activists that have initiated an occupation as part of a broader struggle to reclaim our land and our city. We are making a call for political and material solidarity. We the backyarders of Town 2,


In defence of the constitution

In defence of the constitution Yesterday Prof Mark Swilling reflected on State Capture and the Shadow State, at a public meeting at AIDC. Swilling predicts that, if the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa is captured, we can expect

Radical Economic Transformation
Between the smoke and mirrors Read More

Radical economic transformation: between the smoke and mirrors [Amandla 53 Editorial]

Radical economic transformation: between the smoke and mirrors A complicated game of smoke and mirrors is being played as the battle unfolds for the ANC, the state and the inside track to plunder South Africa’s economic wealth. Nothing is what


#MenAreTrash Talk [Podcast]

#MenAreTrash Talk [Podcast] Amandla Magazine facilitated and hosted a discussion to reflect on how organisations and movements are addressing gender based violence within their organisations / movements and how these organisations / movements are tackling patriarchy in general. In this


SAFTU contacts per sector

SAFTU contacts per sector The emergence of the new federation, SAFTU, offers hope to the current crisis in national worker representation and presents itself as a new dawn for South Africa’s trade union movement. It has proposed to fulfill the

state of capture

[Amandla! Forum] State Capture & the Shadow State:

State Capture & the Shadow State: Betrayal of a promise is Prof Mark Swilling and a number of other leading academics attempt at a systematic analysis of the Zupta state capture project.  Pravin Gordhan repeatedly asks us to connect the dots.


Youth Day 2017

Progressive youth, civic, labour and faith based formations joins forces for Youth Day 2017: Join working class and progressive youth commissions on 4 focus areas: Free education Occupying urban and rural land Unemployment Gender based violence Before enjoying cultural and

Sikhosiphi Bhazooka funeral

Amadiba Update: Journalist Attackers taken to Trial

Press release Amadiba Crisis Committee 2017-06-11:  Trial in Mbizana on Tuesday 13 June for the attack during Xolobeni funeral of Bazooka Radebe. On 6 June, Mining Minister Mr Zwane finally decided an 18 month moratorium for mining applications in Xolobeni


[Watch] ihlazo (Disagrace) at Xolobeni – Sanral CEO visits Amadiba

Ihlazo (Disagrace) at Xolobeni – CEO of Sanral visits Amadiba Is the N2 Wild Coast Toll Road the right road for SANRAL to go? This film is not an abstract academic discussion, but an honest face to face encounter between the


Ivory Park occupation ends tragically

Last night (22 May 2017) two people lost their lives and 12 others have been hospitalised following violent clashes with Ekurhuleni Metro Police and the Red Ants in Ivory Park. That day about 600 houses were demolished by the EMPD following


Gender & Sexual violence in activist spaces [Amandla Forum]

Join Amandla! Forum discussion on gender & sexual violence in activist spaces. 6 June at 18:00 to 20:00 Venue: AIDC Solidarity Centre – 129 Rochester Road, Observatory. We have invited a number of speakers and are waiting for them to confirm

Amandla 52 cover

Zuma’s regime must go [Editorial]

Zuma’s regime must go [Editorial] Amandla! Magazine | Issue 52 | May 2017 Imagine. The political crisis is over. Zuma has resigned and been allowed to leave the country for the Philippines, where President Duterte has said he can stay

[Watch:] Solar Water Heater Cartoon
Why not let the sun heat our domestic water?  Watch here

[Watch:] Importance of Solar Water Heaters Cartoon

Hot domestic water might seem like a luxury one can do without, but in fact it is of great importance for hygiene. For many South Africans using an electric geyser is completely out of reach, because the free basic electricity


Sex is political not personal

NUMBER OF SHOCKING incidents have featured in the news recently. In one incident, primary school children simulated rape on school playgrounds in the ‘rape game’. Rather than being distressing to the children, the game provoked laughter. In another, teenagers circulated images