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Towards a Wealth Tax for South Africa: A 2 Part Webinar Series

Towards a Wealth Tax for South Africa: A 2 Part Webinar Series

18 + 22 February 2021
14:00 – 16:00
Zoom Registration: 

Join us on the 18th and 22nd of February as we host an exciting two-part webinar series on taxation and inequality in South Africa with Dr. Dick Forlsund and Aroop Chatterjee. To register for both Webinars follow this link:

It is common knowledge South Africa has one of the highest levels of income and wealth inequality in the world. This inequality, and the historical processes that have caused it, place a number of burdens on the country. A large percentage of the population in desperate need of vital services, a small percentage of the population hoarding enormous levels of wealth and income, and a government in need of revenue to deliver the services needed by the majority.

To this end, progressive taxation of wealthier individuals presents an opportunity for the state to fund necessary services while redistributing the wealth in the hands of rich hoarders. In particular higher income taxes for high-income earners, and a wealth tax for wealthy individuals. Despite the clear role of progressive taxation in financing the country’s needs and fighting inequality, many South Africans are resistant to increased taxation of any kind. Some believe that higher-income earners are over-taxed as is, others consider the government to be inherently corrupt and inefficient rendering taxes paid as wasted money while others buy-in to economic pseudo-theories like the Laffer Curve to oppose increased taxation.

Yet when put to the test these and other objections fail to stand up to scrutiny. Instead, the overwhelming evidence points towards the need for a well-functioning tax system targeted towards making sure that wealthy individuals pay their fair share towards the country’s growth.

Over the course of the two webinars, we will be joined by leading researchers in taxation and inequality in South Africa to help breakdown the “Whats, Hows, and Whys” of a progressive wealth tax in South Africa.

18 February, 2021 – Personal Income Tax and Inequality With Dr. Dick Forslund (AIDC) 

22 February 2021 – A  Wealth Tax for South Africa? With Aroop Chatterjee (SCIS)

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