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Voices of the Streets – Episode 5: Never Again India

Voices of the Streets – Episode 5: Never Again India

Voices of the Streets is a podcast series published by the Alternative Information and Development Center (AIDC). It highlights peoples’ voices and opinions during political events happening primarily in Cape Town.

We believe that social justice and effective democracy requires the working class and marginalized groups to be listened to. Therefore we are out on the streets recording protestors and offering a mouthpiece for those voices that remain too often unheard.

For this new episode, we interviewed people in Cape Town who were marching in solidarity with Indian minorities that are oppressed by the Indian government. Especially by two new laws, the Nation Register of Citizenship (NRC) and the Citizenship Amandment Act (CAA), which are seen as intentionally discriminatory against Muslims.

Cape Town march on January 9th. Credits to Barefotography

Furthermore, freedom of expression is severely restricted, and violent attacks are to be expected when public statements are made against government policies. Recently, students protesting at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has been attacked; at least 35 of them were injured, and 18 landed in a trauma centre.

In reaction to this violence, people in South Africa gathered to call upon their government to put pressure on the Modi regime. Moreover, the march brings attention to the general uprising of ethno-nationalist movements worldwide.


Adam Haupt – Professor of Media Studies at the University of Cpe Town
Ruchi Chaturvedi – Indian Senior lecturer at the University of Cape Town
Salman Khan – Founder and Chair person of the South-African Kashmir Action Group
Other Various protesters

We heard about the march from People Against Apartheid & Fascism (PAAF). This Cape Town based organisation was recently formed. They aim to: “voice opposition to the unprecedented trend in racist and fascist laws affecting marginalized and minority communities in many parts of the world.”

You can check PAAF work here:

Jingle beat: Accuse by Alaska
Producers: Janina Jablonski & Emile Thiodet

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