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Voices of the Streets – Episode 2: Tito’s budget for the rich

Voices of the Streets – Episode 2: Tito’s budget for the rich

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October 30th 2019 | Cape Town | People marching to Parliament

Voices of the Streets is a podcast series published by the Alternative Information and Development Center (AIDC). It highlights peoples voices and opinions during political events happening primarily in Cape Town.

We believe that social justice and effective democracy implies the working class and marginalized groups to be the most listened to. Therefore we are out on the streets recording protestors, offering a mouthpiece for those voices that remain too often unheard.

Tito’s budget for the rich deals with Tito Mboweni’s Mid-term Budget not improving the working class situation; making it even worse. The unbundling of Eskom will increase the price of electricity, the ongoing neo-liberalist approach will contribute to mass unemployment and low wages. Ultimately, the mid-term budget will contrain the access to common goods for the working class.

A march was organized by unions and political parties. At the end, demonstrators gathered in front of Parliament in Cape Town. They addressed their issues orally and through a Memorandum meant to be delivered to Tito Mboweni. This episode highlights people’s concerns on State Budget policies, and State leaders not responding to it.

October 30th 2019 | Demonstrators handing over the Memorandum to Parliament


– Various protesters at the march
– Andre Adams from  SAFTU – (South African Federation of Trade Unions)
– Zwelohlanga Ndiki from the NUMSA Youth Forum
– Ashley Fataar from the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party
– Dominic Brown from AIDC


The march on Facebook:

Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party – W Cape

Jingle beat: Accuse by Alaska
Producers: Janina Jablonski & Emile Thiodet

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One comment on “Voices of the Streets – Episode 2: Tito’s budget for the rich
  1. sizwe says:

    Thanks for the podcasts. I have learnt and realized that the demands from the public have been restricted, perhaps by the understanding of politics or not understanding of politics. I dont claim to have understanding. But I feel really bad to hear people talk of water, toilets, jobs, but not touching economic freedom (not EFF), and not speaking of land. It seems the demands are selective. But AIDC must make more of these podcasts, also just play them in events, like book launch. Maybe even have a podcast listening option in the AIDC library, just to spark some fire (self awareness and introspection)

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