Lea Guido – Why feminism must be part of an emancipatory vision

Why feminism must be part of an emancipatory vision.

Lea Guido (Nicaragua Womens Movement formerly from the Sandinistas)

Looking at impact of neoliberalism on our daily lives, in terms of the environment, but also very NB in terms of social reproduction. A reality everywhere, and a reality thats is essential to extractivism politics. Therefore gender must be present in any critique of present systems as well as part of building any alternative.

This will require new political practices in different spaces.

Feminism is about making the intimate and the personal part of the subversion to the private and the public, in doing this, we contribute to politically transforming our daily lives.

Feminism must be anti-capitalist. It must be much more than simply women. It must question the nature of power.

Bringing in a new way of looking at politics.

Listen to Guido’s input here:

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