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Deconstructing ‘white monopoly capital’

From Mail & Guardian By Khadija Patel 27 Jan 2017 00:00 “White monopoly capital” is a recurring theme in contemporary political discourse. But a Google search of the term returns results that variously describe it as a bogus grouping or

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Monopoly Capital in the Classroom

By Michael Meeropol From Monthly Review When I was an undergraduate, one of my seminar topics was the so-called stagnation thesis of Alvin Hansen. In 1938, Hansen had written a book entitled Full Recovery or Stagnation?, in which he suggested that

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Kalecki and Steindl in the Transition to Monopoly Capital

By: Jan Toporowski From: Monthly Review Paul Baran and Paul Sweezy’s Monopoly Capital is a classic that has long outlived the conjuncture in American capitalism that it described. In a deep and scholarly way, its authors exposed the deep structure

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Black Wednesday – The Internet and Monopoly Capitalism

The internet was one of the major, if not the major, technological development of our time. We thought that rise of the internet would bring about increased free media, increased access to information, and real public participation. Put more succinctly we thought

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Beyond ‘White Monopoly Capital’: Who owns South Africa?

BEYOND ‘WHITE MONOPOLY CAPITAL’ WHO OWNS SOUTH AFRICA? Lucien van der Walt | Originally published SA Labour Bulletin | July/August 2015 The debate on ‘white monopoly capital’ has some blind spots as it omits the role of the state in ownership

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