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Annual General Meeting Friday 15 May 2015

Building Alliances for a radical Transition

The focus of AIDC’s strategy going forward is “Strengthening Alliances for a Wage-Led, Low-Carbon, Sustainable and Equitable Development Path for Southern Africa.” Our new three-year plan (2015-2017) aims to help build an increasingly united, self-aware and self-confident alliance of labour, community, faith-based, environmental and women’s organisations and movements, that is advancing the struggle for a socially just, economically viable and ecologically sustainable development path.

AIDC is pursuing this strategic goal through a programmatic framework involving three integrated activity areas:

  • Movement-Building Advocacy, supporting and strengthening existing and emerging local struggles being undertaken by strategic local partner organisations and movements, in order to unify and deepen these structures capacity for sustained, practical, evidence-based joint advocacy.
  • Popular Education, providing targeted, intensive, participatory capacity building training to leading activists from several key local organisations and movements with whom AIDC has established relationships.
  • Knowledge Production and Dissemination, covering research in political economy, public finance, public policy and movement building, especially in relation to the extractive industries and the minerals-energy complex.

AIDC will be holding its AGM on 15 May which will map out its strategy for implementing its ambitious programme and for transforming itself into a membership based organisation. The AGM is being organised into two parts. the first part will be a seminar focusing on the state of labour 20 years after democracy. This seminar will formally launch AIDC’s booklet that brings together research on employment, wages, wage – share and profits. Niall Reddy the author will present these finding. Niall’s contribution will be complimented by a trade unionist reflecting on the struggle for a living wage.

The seminar will run from 10.00 – 14.00 including lunch

The second part of the AGM will start at 16.00 and will start off with an open session on the current political context.

The AIDC’s director Brian Ashley will present an overview of the AIDC perspective. This will be followed by an important contribution on the challenges of the transition in the current context where we will focus on the situation in Greece that has widespread repercussions for Europe and important lessons for the left internationally. In addition, these contributions will be complimented by a discussion on the crisis in the labour movement.

AIDC Directo’s report on the current political situation and its relevance for the struggle for a wage-led, low carbon economy
Greece: What options for a radical transition: to gexit or not to exit is that the question
Beyond the crisis in COSATU: prospects for the building of a independent, democratic, militant and worker controlled trade union movement – NUMSA

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