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Climate Conference 2021

The apocalypse is now. Heat waves, floods, droughts and wildfires are devastating communities around the world, and they will only grow more severe. The perfect storm of Covid-19 and climate change, and the resulting economic and social damage, will likely trigger much more social and political instability. The pandemic is unlikely to end for years, as the novel coronavirus mutates into increasingly transmissible, drug-resistant variants. And the climate catastrophe is no longer ‘impending’ but playing out in real time. COP 26 in Glasgow will, in all likelihood, fail to agree on the necessary emissions cuts to avoid runaway climate change.

Join AIDC, NALEDI, Rural Women’s Assembly, TCOE, Peoples Dialogue, DAF and WOMIN in Cape Town during the final days of the COP Summit – from 11 to 14 November – for a conference towards mapping a comprehensive Just Transition capable of dealing with the legacy of a mineral’s energy complex which has left South Africa and the region, reeling from mal-development, extreme inequality, poverty and ecocide.

The conference aims to develop a road map of resistance to fight the climate emergency and related crises.


Brian Ashley, +27 21 447 5770 ,


Online here.