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Statement: Civil Society condemns the violence in Entembeni, Kwa-Zulu Natal

The Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD), together with partner organisations, condemns the senseless killing of Sbusiso Hlongwane, a resident of Matshansundu village, over the weekend. The ARD has learnt that Mr Hlongwane, a vocal land rights activist, is the latest

AIDC expresses solidarity to #RejectFinanceBill2024 Kenyan Anti-Austerity Protesters

In response to Kenya’s debt owed to the IMF and other international lenders, President William Ruto has implemented a number of austerity policies, defined as deep cuts to government spending combined with regressive taxes which disproportionately affect the working class

African Regional Indaba on UN binding treaty takes place this week

Civil society organisations are hosting the fifth African Regional Indaba on the UN binding treaty on business and human rights at the ANEW Hotel Parktonian in Johannesburg on 20 and 21 June 2024.  In the lead-up to the tenth session

NO MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE OP-ED: While capitalism invites corruption, neoliberalism guarantees it — mainly via outsourcing (Part 3)

  By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 15 May 2024    South Africa urgently needs the reforms that will make neoliberalism obsolete here. But this won’t happen on its own. It needs all of us, in our own ways, to

NO MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE OP-ED: Neoliberalism has intensified poverty, unemployment, inequality, corruption and austerity (Part 2)

  By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 14 May 2024  The market, having been made king, orphaned the meeting of urgent, post-apartheid societal needs. The replacement of the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) by Growth, Employment and Redistribution (Gear) policies

NO MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE OP-ED: A better future for all has been stunted by impoverished options (Part 1)

    By Jeff Rudin | Daily Maverick | 13 May 2024    All those contesting the May elections agree that the ‘better future’ must be ANC-free. Yet they are all wedded, in various ways, to the current economic status quo.

Universal Basic Income Coalition Position Paper

The introduction of the COVID-19 SRD grant in 2020 galvanised civil society to work together to advance the goal of comprehensive social protection. In March 2021, civil society stakeholders came together in a forum to collectively advocate for the extension

PART TWO: Rise Mzansi promises social democracy but delivers neoliberalism

By Andile Zulu  South Africa’s economic stagnation and social decay stand as a damning testimony to the failure of neoliberal economic policies. With millions hungry, jobless and poor, one would hope that parties contesting the general elections would offer to forge

AIDC is hiring: Tax Justice Project Officer

The Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC) is inviting interested applicants who meet the criteria to apply for the vacancy of the Tax Justice Project Officer.  Full-time 12-month contract Key Responsibilities Undertake research related to taxation and domestic resource mobilisation in

May Day Statement: Let us strive to create a future where no worker is left behind!

On this International Workers’ Day, the Alternative Information and Development Centre urges the working class to reflect on the significance of this occasion and the status of workers’ rights in our country. This year, the celebration of Worker’s Day is

PART ONE: Rise Mzansi promises social democracy, but delivers neoliberalism

By Andile Zulu  Seeking to gain momentum from the disastrous failures and empty promises of the ruling ANC, political parties are once again desperately selling hope. Whether assuring us they will end crime or overcome load-shedding, political parties, old and new,

AIDC Debt Conference Report sheds light on real-life impact of austerity measures!

On February 14th, independent activists, economists, and representatives from trade unions, social movements, civil society, and academic and government institutions met for a two-day conference on public debt and austerity. This conference was hosted in Cape Town ahead of the

Trade agreements: The little known agent of global inequality

By Jeff Rudin  It’s a safe bet that few people have ever heard of the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC), despite being an important part of the department of trade, industry and competition.  We have Ayabonga Cawe, the

2023 AIDC Annual Report: Supporting Popular Resistance and Alternatives for a Just Transition

In the face of formidable obstacles, our commitment to fostering popular resistance and advocating for alternatives towards a Just Transition has remained steadfast. As we present our 2023 Annual Report, it becomes evident that despite the myriad challenges encountered, significant

Empowering Global South Perspectives: Recommendations for UN Framework Convention on International Tax Cooperation

On 15 March 2024, the Global South Project coordinators submitted a 2000-word written input to the Ad Hoc Committee to Draft Terms of Reference for a United Nations Framework Convention on International Tax Cooperation, aiming to address the question: “What are some specific problems

AIDC to host first Council Meeting for 2024!

The Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC) will be hosting its first council meeting today. The process of changing AIDC’s governing structure to make provision for our partners to be members of the AIDC has ensured that the potential gap

Amadiba Crisis Committee Statement: Meeting with Sanral contractor obstructed by business forums.

    On Wednesday, 6 March, 60 villagers gathered in Sigidi to meet a representative of M Kona Engineers Consulting, a contractor employed by SANRAL to survey the village for the proposed N2 Wild Coast Toll Road.   The villagers

Unveiling Economic Justice: The Economy and Austerity Mass Teach-In

In a world where economic inequality remains a persistent challenge, voices advocating for change are rising louder than ever. Last week, the Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC) and the Cry of the Xcluded joined forces to host the Economy and

Remembering Ayanda Kota: Advocate for Justice and Equality!

The Assembly of the Unemployed and the Cry of the Xcluded have faced a very difficult time with the loss of our founder, Ayanda Kota, who passed on last Thursday. He was our class brother and a gallant fighter for

AIDC Submission to Parliament on the Fiscal Framework and Revenue Proposals

The Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC) has submitted a written commentary and critique on the Fiscal Framework and Revenue Proposals of the 2024 Budget Speech to the Select and Standing Committees on Finance. The primary objective of this submission

Unemployed People’s Movement (UPM) and Makhanda Citizen’s Front: Interview with Ayanda Kota

We started the Unemployed People’s Movement (UPM) in 2009. I think what gave rise to it was two things: the failures of the municipality which came out of IDP meetings. And the feeling that the politicians are taking us for

Social movements march against budget cuts!

For too long, austerity has been the guiding principle of our economic strategy, promising fiscal responsibility while delivering hardship for those least able to bear it. Cuts to essential services, stagnant wages, and a widening wealth gap have become all

AIDC STATEMENT: The 2024 Budget will make things even worse!

As expected, the Treasury today put forward another austerity budget to Parliament. Tokenistic increases in social grants will not be enough to soften the deep social crisis faced by the majority of impoverished South Africans. The budget will also result

Joint statement: There is “an alternative” to the status quo of stagnation, mass unemployment and unprecedented inequality!

On 21 February, we will be marching with community organisations, trade unions, and activist groups ahead of the 2024 budget speech, recognising that austerity will likely continue to be implemented in this coming budget. Reports from health sector workers speak