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DSC_0941An Empty Plate analyses the state of the South African agri-food system. Tracy Ledger demonstrates how this system is perpetuating poverty, threatening land reform; entrenching inequality and tearing apart our social fabric. The book asks two crucial questions: how did we get to this point and how might we go about solving the problem.

This is a story of money, of power, of unanticipated consequences, and of personal and social tragedy. But it is also a story of what is possible if we reimagine our society and build a new system on the foundation of solidarity and ethical food citizenship.

Amandla Forums [08/03/2017]

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2 comments on “SA Food systems – Tracy Ledger
  1. Nazeer Sonday says:

    Thank you AIDC for correcting pertinent facts on Dr Ledger’ talk. The PHA Campaign supports the important work you do.

  2. This is probably one of the most important books for South African citizens to read this year and I am very thankful that some of the issues in our broken food system are finally being discussed in mainstream media due to Tracy’s well researched and easy to read book. South African consumers are still not as informed or aware as Europe’s very active consumer bodies but this is changing and publications such as An Empty Plate greatly assist with this awareness building.
    Discussions around our broken food system needs to include consumer education and encouraging mainstream media to speak to the issues of what is the true cost of food to our nation and what solutions are available to address the health concerns, environmental and welfare concerns. The consumer holds the power for true change in South Africa.

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