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  • What Is Austerity?

    Watch our 2 part documentary series on Austerity and working class resistance to austerity Read More

United Front to Address Loadshedding

Towards a Public Pathway Approach to Energy Transition On Wednesday, July 27th, 2022, representatives of unions and social movements met in Johannesburg to discuss the country’s energy crisis. The representatives agreed to form a united front to resist privatisation of

Public sector jobs under attack

Public sector jobs under attack Dick Forslund | Amandla 77 | August/September 2021 A day or two before the Budget Speech in February 2020, the state employer met with the unions and announced that the third year of the 2018

Communities’ ‘right to say no’ must be enshrined in the Binding Treaty!

Last month, the Alternative Information and Development Centre together with the Centre for Applied Legal Studies and Lawyers for Human Rights hosted a two-day indaba on the UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights in Johannesburg. The theme was:

Budget 2022/3 statement: Tell no lies, claim no easy victories

Budget 2022/3 statement: Tell no lies, claim no easy victories by Cry of Xcluded | 23 February 2022 “Accordingly, we have decided to keep money in the pockets of South Africans.“ – Minister Enoch Godongwana This is an ideologically driven


The left internationally and in this country has struggled to know how to position itself in relation to the war in Ukraine. Between Putin’s nationalist and imperialist ambitions, NATO expansion and the reactionary nature of the Ukraine regime, where and