Gang Town – Don Pinnock


Don Pinnock, spent over 3 decades working on and researching issues around gangsterism, speaks to the societal conditions that reproduce gangsterism and what we need to do to stop it. Listen to podcast on Gangs here Amandla Forums [12/10/2016]

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Decolonising Psychology – Wahbie Long


At the book launch of his book “Decolonising Psychology” Wahbie Long argues for a new definition of mental illness, based on the ideas of Marx, Fromm, and Fanon, and clustered around the concept of alienation. Listen to the podcast here Amandla Forums

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ABSA saga, CIEX Report and more – Terry Crawford-Browne


Former President Thabo Mbeki and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan  have gone to extraordinary lengths to discredit the CIEX report as the illiterate rantings of a retired British spy (Michael Oatley) and bounty-hunter.  Let us now also recall the uproar that

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SA Food systems – Tracy Ledger


An Empty Plate analyses the state of the South African agri-food system. Tracy Ledger demonstrates how this system is perpetuating poverty, threatening land reform; entrenching inequality and tearing apart our social fabric. The book asks two crucial questions: how did

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