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Eco-Marxism and deforestation

Eco-Marxism and deforestation By Muzomuhle Ntuli | Original Source: Pambazuka News | 13 June 2018 The article uses the Eco Marxist perspective to look at deforestation and the impact it has on Earth in terms of soil erosion, air pollution

Marx’s Ecology: Recovered Legacy

Marx’s Ecology: Recovered Legacy by Michael Löwy | Original Source: Solidarity | 21 May 2018 WHILE MAINSTREAM ECOLOGICAL theory has been dismissive of Karl Marx, serious research in recent decades has recovered some of his very important insights on ecological

Red and Green: The ecosocialist perspective

Red and Green: The ecosocialist perspective By Michael Löwy | Amandla! Magazine | 7 May 2018 The contemporary international political economy is marked by a great contradiction. On a planet characterised by finite resources, the economy is based on an absurd

Eco-Socialism or Bust

Eco-Socialism or Bust By Thea Riofrancos, Robert Shaw & Will Speck | Original source: Jacobin | 24 April 2018 To confront climate change, we need to democratize, decarbonize, and decommodify our energy resources. At this past February’s “Alternative Models of

Op-Ed: Renewable energy claims and counterclaims

Op-Ed: Renewable energy claims and counterclaims By  Shumi Mudavanhu & Jeff Rudin Until fairly recently, renewable energy was widely seen as being the welcome future that couldn’t come soon enough. This changed most dramatically, in March 2017, when a coal

AMCU Statement on renewable energy and jobs

AMCU Statement on renewable energy and jobs Joseph Mathunjwa | 23 March 2018 | Most AMCU members work in the fossil fuel sectors, namely, mining and construction. They do this work not by choice but because capital, with the support


Climate Jobs Booklet (2011)

One Million Climate Jobs