AIDC has been hosting these monthly meetings since 2012.

They have developed into being a regular forum for the exchange of ideas on broadly based climate change issues, with a particular focus on climate jobs. The overall intention of the meetings is to link theory with action, information with mobilisation

These meetings are currently, probably unique in Cape Town – if not South Africa – in bringing together academics, NGO-based climate specialists and community activists.

The meetings have one or two main agenda items, along with a number of other standing items.

They run from 9.30 to 12.30 and are open to everyone. They have no fixed date but are usually held towards the end of each month

The next meeting will take place in October 2016. Venue: AIDC Solidarity Centre – 129 Rochester Road, Observatory, Cape Town.

The main agenda is still to be drafted. Follow for more details. 

One Million Climate Jobs