Climate crisis: There is only one way out

Climate crisis: There is only one way out   Climate catastrophe can only be averted if  people around the globe unite in the biggest, broadest, most effective global social movement the world has ever seen First, let’s please just acknowledge there

Just two days before the kick-off of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, students of the Madiba-a-Toloane High School install 26 120W solar panels on the roof of the school hall. These panels will supply a public viewing area in the hall where 600 people of the rural village of Jericho can watch the World Cup games.

Solar Now Provides Twice As Many Jobs As The Coal Industry

The solar industry is adding jobs much faster than the overall economy, but still makes up just over 1% of the country’s total power supply. Clearly, there’s room for growth. As solar power keeps getting cheaper—and more and more of


7 Words about water

by Yvette Abrahams from Khoelife A lot of ignorance is going around about Cape Town’s water crisis. I find this strange since this crisis should have been foreseen. I wrote on this since 2009, personally workshopped every province in this country


Workshop on IRP and access to energy

Workshop on Integrated Resource Planning and access to energy – Outcomes Representatives of organised labour and community-based organisations met for a two-day workshop on 23 and 24 February 2017, convened by the Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC). A series

A worker supervises as a truck delivers coal supplies to the coal yard at the Grootvlei power station, operated by Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., in Grootvlei, South Africa, on Monday, Nov. 3, 2014. Eskom said South Africa's power supply remains strained as it investigates what caused a silo storing coal to collapse, forcing the state-owned utility to cut electricity to customers. Photographer: Dean Hutton/Bloomberg

The Coal Truckers, Koko And The Renewable Energy Smoke Screen

To insinuate that the non-renewal of coal trucking contracts with Eskom is because of investment in renewable energy is disingenuous. The truck drivers’ protest on Wednesday last week (1 March) talks to a very legitimate concern about job security in


There Is Really Only One Way To Come To Grips With The Climate Crisis in Climate Change

By John Foran From (Originally published by The situation we face First, let’s please just acknowledge there is a crisis. I’m afraid any reasonably educated, rational, and unbiased adult (or younger) can understand what the climate science has

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Water Crisis exposes Capitalism´s Inequities

While individual consumers are shouldering the brunt of restrictions, the worst exploiters are given free rein, writes Nick Malherbe By: Nick Malherbe From: Business Day 23/2/17 Towards the end of last year, thousands of people living in northern China were

Rainwater Harvesting Cartoon
 This short animated cartoon points out the benefits of rainwater harvesting as a complement to the municipal water supply.Watch cartoon Here

Watch: Rainwater Harvesting Cartoon

South Africa is a water scarce country. Now in times of drought our water supply is increasingly threatened, for all of us. The government has provided a limited amount of free basic water. This amount of Free basic water has never been


A Marxist Analysis of Climate Change

From: Climate & Capitalism An ecosocialist journal By: Terry Townsend Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, has helped dramatize for a whole new generation the enormity of the global environmental crisis we face. Global warming is just the latest manifestation

Trump and Climate Catastrophe
The alarm bells are ringing. The climate-change denialism of the Trump administration, coupled with its goal of maximizing fossil-fuel extraction and consumption at all costs, constitutes, in the words of Noam Chomsky, “almost a death knell for the human species."Read More

Trump and Climate Catastrophe

This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps, and our GW scientists are stuck in ice.  —Donald Trump, January 2, 20141 The alarm bells are ringing. The climate-change denialism of the

mining coal

South Africa’s coal sector: energy security, ownership, and climate change

By: Jesse Burton From: Amandla 49/50, (December 2016) South Africa’s coal sector depends on demand from Eskom, the largest user of coal in the country. For Eskom, cheap domestic coal has been a key input for 50 years. Until the

The South African Water Crisis
The water crisis is not new as this article from Amandla! Issue #2 June/July 2008 shows.  Read More

Water struggles from Johannesburg and beyond

The water crisis is not new as this article from 2008 shows… From: Amandla #2 June/July 2008 By: Dale McKinley It’s been five years since residents of the poor community of Phiri (Soweto) were first confronted with the practical consequences


Ireland moves to become first country to divest from fossil fuels in parliamentary vote

The bill was penned “in light of the urgency to phase out fossil fuel exploration, extraction and combustion in a timely manner to enable delivery of the commitment adopted in the Paris Agreement.” It enables Ireland to divest its sovereign


Deadly devotion – Why capitalism is hopelessly addicted to fossil fuels

By: Amy Leather From: Climate & Capitalism An ecosocialist journal Republished, with permission, from the UK magazine Socialist Review, January 2017 With Donald Trump in the White House the future for our climate looks bleak, but capitalism’s love affair with


“Attack of the Nuclear Zombies!”

Amandla! Issue No.36 | NOVEMBER 2014 The Announcement that South Africa has signed a nuclear deal with Russia did not come as a surprise to local anti-nuclear activists. The issue has been bubbling away since the BRICS meeting last year


Getting the energy mix right – towards a publicly driven, socially owned renewable energy sector!

Getting the energy mix right – towards a publicly driven, socially owned renewable energy sector! Amandla! Issue No.35 | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2014 In his State of the Nation address of 26 June 2014, President Zuma called for “a radical transformation of


The centre-left’s narrative on climate change has convinced no one

Trump’s victory is another sign of the failure of the centre-left’s narrative on climate change. A new message is needed, and new politicians to deliver it, writes Alex Randall The election of Donald Trump reflects the unraveling of the centre-left


Nuclear power and the empty promise of jobs

Whereas  the 2013 IRP draft deprioritized new nuclear power plants, they are up for discussion in the most recent draft again. Obviously the new IRP draft follows ESKOMs interest in new nuclears more than sensible considerations… From Amandla! 48 by Neil


Food Sovereignty: A Strategy for Environmental Justice

Food sovereignty offers a strategy for social mobilization that confronts rural disintegration while addressing environmental crises. This paper is being presented at Food and Justice: Ideas for a new global food agenda?, a conference organized by the World Economics Association. The author, David


Corporate climate risk is about profit, not fixing the problem

Corporate climate risk is about profit, not fixing the problem ‘Like latter-day wizardry, corporate risk calculations suggest that markets and capital can, not only control the natural world, but somehow anticipate it’ by Christopher Wright  and Daniel Nyberg Christopher Wright and Daniel


A big step towards the Anthropocene

A big step towards the Anthropocene Tuesday 18 October 2016, by Alan Thornett from International Viewpoint We are at a cross roads in terms of the impact of our species on the planet. The actions of modern human beings, ‘homo sapiens’—i.e.


COP 21: a summit of falsehood

The first scientific warnings of the danger of global warming date back more than 50 years. Finally they were taken seriously enough in 1998 for the United Nations and the World Meteorological Organization to create the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

COP 22’s Imperialist Environmentalism
In Morocco, where COP22 talks began last week, and around the world, climate change is inherently tied to the history of colonialism. Read More

COP22’s Imperialist Environmentalism

In Morocco, where COP22 talks began last week, and around the world, climate change is inherently tied to the history of colonialism. By Joe Hayns from Jacobin. Each year, the world’s heads of state meet at the Conference of Parties (COP) to discuss


Coal is key to resolving the drought – not wet wipes

South Africa is in the midst of one of the most serious droughts in living memory. 2015 was the country’s driest year since records began in 1904. The agricultural sector is being devastated. Scorched crops and grazing land have forced

One Million Climate Jobs