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Keamogetswe Seipato
Southern Africa Coordinator
Phone: +27 21 447 8824

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Stop Corporate Impunity

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Some of these billionaires make their money on the backs the working class and unemployed. Some of their activities…

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Building a new #Eskom : Fully Public and Serving the People [Pubic Forum] with Sean Sweeney (@TUED_global), Dani…

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OPINIONISTA: Putting Eskom’s debt on the government balance sheet could lead to another credit downgrade and disast…

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Johan Lorenzen

“We are saying no to mining. We are not saying no because it’s Australians. We don’t hate Australians. We hate extr…

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Communities are told that mining brings development and a better way of life, but the 1.6 million people living nea…