ANC today – deeply divided

ANC Today By: Gumani Tshimomola | Amandla! Issue No.47 | SEPTEMBER 2016 The African National Congress of late has suffered misfortune that has deeply divided the party. This includes the misfortune of personality politics. Most of the misfortune is the party’s


Archbishop Tutu Fellows appeal for the South Sudan Peace Agreement to be rescued

Archbishop Tutu Fellows appeal for the South Sudan Peace Agreement to be rescued The Archbishop Tutu Fellows, a group of emerging leaders from across Africa, have urged heads of state from across the continent to urgently act on the dire


Amandla! interviews the campaign to Reclaim the City

Amandla! interviews the campaign to Reclaim the City and the movement to occupy the inner city  Amandla! Issue No.52 | MAY 2017 The movement formed in Cape Town in February 2015 to right the wrongs of the Group Areas Act

sacp anc

What should we make of the SACP’s latest critical posture of the ANC rot: an audacity or a quagmire?

What should we make of the SACP’s latest critical posture of the ANC rot: an audacity or a quagmire? By Gunnett Kaaf | Amandla Magazine | Issue 52 | May 2017 Over the last two years, the South African Communist

Radical Economic Transformation 1

Land and “radical economic transformation”

Land and “radical economic transformation” BEN COUSINS | AMANDLA MAGAZINE | ISSUE 52 | MAY 2017 Land has moved to the centre of political discourse in recent months. At the same time, allegations of state capture by the Gupta family

Approved Student Loan Application Form

NSFAS’ overzealous debt recovery strategy betrays commitments to free education

NSFAS’ overzealous debt recovery strategy betrays commitments to free education By: Phindile Kunene in Amandla! Issue No.48 | OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2016 “Dear NSFAS beneficiaries, I am writing to you to plead with you to pay back the loan which you received from NSFAS

Zuma Must Go demonstration. Cape Town. 7 April 2017.

How to Build a Mass Movement

How to Build a Mass Movement To build a mass movement against Trump, we have to engage newcomers productively. by KEEANGA-YAMAHTTA TAYLOR The United States has just experienced a corporate hijacking. If Trump’s inaugural speech did not alert you to

Zanufication or Renewal: ANC Debate
Is the ANC going down the Mugabe Road, or can the ANC self-correct? What are the other alternatives?  Read more

Whither ANC Debate [Amandla Forum report]

Between 250 to 300 people attended the public debate titled “Whither ANC” organised by Amandla Magazine and the Alternative Information and Development Centre AIDC, an activist think-tank based in Cape Town. This debate was organised after the two components of

kenny abrahams

Tribute to Kenneth Abrahams

Tribute to Kenneth Abrahams By Shaun Whittaker and Harry Boesak The last public appearance of Kenneth Abrahams was at a socialist conference in Windhoek in September 2012, where he delivered a long tribute to his former comrade, Neville Alexander. The

A striking miner holds a cardboard box on his head with text reading "12,500 Rands" as striking miners chant slogans while marching to Wonderkop Stadium near Lonmin's platinum mine in Marikana on January 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

SA’s poor pay for Zuma and rating downgrade

The Capitalist system remains irrational, and is not about to change now because of political events by Gumani Tshimomola Despite the recent downgrading of South Africa’s sovereign credit rating to junk status by Standard and Poor’s (S&P) Global and Fitch


Jay Naidoo speaks at new federation launch

When forming COSATU in the 1980’s, there were different elephants in the room, these different elephants had to learn to talk to each other in order to establish the launch of COSATU at the time. In 2017, as the standard


Well and truly Captured

Ahead of the Amandla! Forum on “Whither ANC: Zanufication or Renewal” , taking place in Cape Town today (19 April 2017), we thought we would republish the Amandla Editorial from Amandla Issue 48 “Dangerous Times”. The editorial was published in October/November 2016, but

New Federation? [Amandla 51 Editorial]
In the latest issue of Amandla!, we focus on the labour movement Read More

Vavi on the New Federation [Exclusive interview]

Amandla! interviews Zwelinzima Vavi ahead of the Launch of the new labour federation – South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) “There is an excitement, I mean on the ground people are ready, people are looking forward to this new



YET ANOTHER MAJOR SUPERMARKET EXPLOITS ITS WORKERS Strikers challenge Pick ‘n Pay’s questionable labour practices by Lynford Dor On 28 February, 2017, 58 workers who make baked goods for Pick ‘n Pay embarked on a protected strike, demanding to be

The Cabinet reshuffle, [Amandla! Editorial]
The road to the very lucrative nuclear build programme lies open.  Read More

Comment on Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle [Amandla Editorial]

Amandla Editorial Comment on Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle It is clichéd and somewhat trite to note that our country faces a deep political crisis. The removal of the finance ministers (Gordhan and Jonas) as well as several other Ministers and Deputy

Thousands of members of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa), the country's largest union, take part in a strike action in Johannesburg, South Africa, 01 July 2014. More than 220,000 metal workers have gone on strike throughout the country demanding an increase of 12 percent, nearly double the current inflation rate.  EPA/IHSAAN HAFFEJEE

Workers Hold the Keys

Workers Hold the Keys Despite the threat of automation and the weakness of organized labor, workers still hold the key to winning social change by Vivek Chibber & Jason Farbman In your ABCs piece, you say capitalism can’t deliver the goods.


#AndABlackWomanAtThat: a discussion of power and privilege

In the first of a two-part series, Sheri Carr reflects on the oppression of her early life and how we must fight it, even in our own movement I grew up knowing every other black person living in my hometown: Bangor


Ledger sets the record straight

The article published on the AIDC website “No kind words for government”, 09 March 2017, written by a freelance journalist – misquoted author of book “An Empty Plate”, Dr Tracy Ledger. AIDC has since removed the article. Some of the mistakes


Business and the state are twin enemies of SA’s poor

Real radical economic transformation requires more than a binary battle between the private and public sectors — it needs an overhaul of morality: President Jacob Zuma has promised that the ANC will focus this year on achieving “radical” transformation of


Who Said Nearly 50 Years Ago that Israel was an Apartheid State? 13th IAW Week

At the onset of international ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ in solidarity with the embattled Palestinian people, I want to start by quoting a South African who emphatically stated as far back as 1963 that “Israel is an apartheid state.” Those were


13th Israeli Apartheid Week (6-12 March 2017)

Join us in making this year’s 13th annual international Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) bigger, better and bolder! IAW is an annual international series of self-organized events (rallies, protests, lectures, cultural performances, concerts, films and workshops) held in over 250 cities, communities


MK’s 30 year contribution to armed struggle

Review of MK’s 30-year armed struggle and its contribution to forcing the apartheid regime to the negotiating table. Ronnie Kasrils | 16 February 2017 The people’s patience is not endless. The time comes in the life of any nation when



Albert Woodfox, as one of the Angola 3, he was in isolation longer than any other American. Then he came home to face his future. By Rachel Aviv “What does it feel like to be free?” Woodfox asked. “How do


South Africa and the Changing Possibilities for the Left

  South Africa and the Changing Possibilities for the Left By Leonard Gentle From website. With the claims that a new trade union federation will be launched in March 2017, it is appropriate to draw up a balance sheet of the


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