PRAVIN GORHAM’S BUDGET SPEECH REVEALS CURRENT POLITICAL PRIORITIES A simple word search of a 21 paged, 9526 word Report unintentionally reveals the utter unimportance of climate change. The number of hits for each word is given in brackets
  •  Climate change (0)
  • Climate (0);
  • Weather (0);
  • Green economy (0);
  • Renewable energy (1):
“In order to boost investment in the short term, there are several specific imperatives: … “Continuing our independent power producer programme, both in renewables and to take advantage of gas investment opportunities” i.e. only as a business opportunit Drought (1) “We expect somewhat higher growth in the coming year on the strength of a number of favourable trends: …- Drought conditions have abated in most of the country Carbon (1) Saying that the carbon tax will be further consider by Parliament this yea Mining (3) Underperforming; job losses in 2016 & finalising legislation Rail (4)
  • Over the medium term, R16.7 billion is allocated for 70 new train-sets for Metrorail
  • Commuter rail currently provides for over 20 percent of all passengers carried in the cities.
  • This budget [?] provides resources to subsidize 457 million rail passenger trips next year, as well as ongoing support to upgrade rolling stock and improve signalling systems
Agriculture (6) Four dealing with jobs and one about promoting black participation Public transport (8) Mostly emphasising the importance of public transport; Employment (11) All emphasising importance of or measures to address (un)employment)   
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